Our competitive squad are known as Dolphina Gymnastics Club.

Squad classes are for children who show competitive ability. Invitation only.


The female competitors use four different pieces of apparatus: Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam and Floor.

The Vault should have a very powerful and fast run up which enables the gymnast to perform a high and long vault which will include one or more rotations and finishes with a controlled landing.

In a Bar routine, the gymnast will perform swinging and continuous movements which include movements in both directions, above and below the bar, twists and somersaults and an acrobatic dismount to land.

The Beam is seen to be one of the hardest pieces of apparatus to master as the width of the beam is only 10cm. During the routine they need to perform acrobatic elements, leaps, jumps and turns whilst demonstrating elegance, flexibility, rhythm and balance.

During a Floor exercise the gymnast will include movements that show strength, flexibility and balance and combine moves such as somersaults, twists and leaps which is performed to music

Development Squads

Girls for these squads are selected by experienced coaches following an initial trial. The girls are chosen because they demonstrate natural physical requirements and potential.

Once in this squad the gymnasts follow a training programme designed to improve flexibility, strength and coordination which will allow them to develop the required skills at a later stage. Regular attendance is very important for gymnasts in these squads.

General Squads

Our general squad are for our advanced gymnasts who wish to compete. Gymnasts are required to trial for entry into this squad. Training is from 2hrs up to 6hrs a week.  Gymnasts work on all 4 pieces of apparatus (including Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault.)

Gymnastics is a demanding sport and all squad members and their families need to realize that entry into a squad requires enormous commitment.

In order to be successful a squad gymnast will need to attend regularly, be committed to their training programme and develop a high level of self-discipline.