Our competitive squad are known as Dolphina Gymnastics Club.

Squad classes are for children who show competitive ability. Invitation only.


We are looking for gymnasts to join our 2hr, 4hr & 6hr Squad groups. If you think your gymnast has what it takes to be apart or a competitive squad group, come to our trials! Open to members and non members.

Tuesday 18th June – 5pm to 6pm – £10 per gymnast.


At Dolphina we run 2hr, 4hr & 6hr competitive squads. Within these squad groups, gymnasts work towards two piece and four piece competitions located within the County, Region and possibly across the Country. Gymnasts work on all four pieces of apparatus, Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor.

All our squad groups are by invitation only or following a successful trial. Girls that are chosen to join our Squad demonstrate natural physical requirements and potential.

Being a competitive gymnast requires a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment, and time. Training sessions consists of conditioning, basic shapes, and movements. It is very repetitive and requires you to repeat a lot of the same drills until the skill is perfected. Gymnasts need to be strong & flexible to be able to do the skills they are required to do to take part in certain competitions.

Gymnastics is a demanding sport and all squad members and their families need to understand that entry into a squad requires enormous commitment.

In order to be successful a squad gymnast, will need to attend regularly, be committed to their training programme and develop a high level of self-discipline.