Please find a list of FAQ’s below. If a relevant question to your query is not below please do not hesitate to email us at info@dolphinagymnastics.com and we will do our best to answer your questions.

What does my child need to wear for their class?

Children must wear Dolphina Uniform

Girls:  Dolphina Leotard

Boys:  will be required to wear navy shorts and a dolphina t-shirt.

Children will not be permitted to wear the following:

  • Tights/socks
  • Crop tops
  • Shorts with strings
  • Skirts
  • Dresses

What happens if my child is late to their class?

We ask that you do your best to be prompt with the arrival time for a class, however we understand that there may from time to time be slight delays. Children that are no more than 10 minutes late will be permitted to join their class as they will still have sufficient warm up time. If your child is more than 10 minutes late they will be unable to partake in that weeks class for health and safety reasons. We will of course welcome them back into the class the following week.

My child has missed a class because they were not well can they join an alternative class this week?

Unfortunately  if a member misses a class due to illness, lateness or generally being unavailable, then they are unable to join an alternative class for that week. All of our classes at Dolphina are full and children are booked onto particular days and times. Refunds are not given for missed classes.

Do I need to stay at the centre during my child’s lesson?

You are welcome to leave the centre once your child has gone into their lesson. Please ensure we have up to date contact details for your child before leaving the centre. Please ensure you return to the centre on time to collect your child or let us know by phone if you are running late.

What is your Jewellery policy?

Dolphina follows British Gymnastics strict Guidelines on Jewelry. This is for Health and Safety purposes and must be followed. anyone failing to follow these guidelines will be unable to partake in gymnastics at Dolphina.

Gymnasts are not permitted to wear Rings, necklaces, bracelets or any other form of jewelry on their hands, feet, ankles wrists or neck.

Earrings should be removed, any gymnast with newly pierced ears will be permitted to wear tape over the piercing for the 6 week healing period. (please note this will void the British gymnastics insurance policy for the duration that the earrings are in). The parent/ Guardian of the gymnast will be required to see reception to fill in a consent form.

No gymnasts will be permitted to train if a consent form is not filled in and may train for a maximum of 6 weeks with tape after which time gymnasts will be required to remove the earrings for training. failure to do so will result in the gymnast being unable to go into their class.

Can I move my child’s class time and day if need be?

Yes provided we have space available on an alternative time and day you can change your child’s class. Please note this will incur an Admin fee to cover the cost of ensuring all details have been updated for the change.

Unfortunately if our registers are full we will be unable to offer an alternative class for your child.

Can I get a refund?

All of our courses are non refundable

What is my Dolphina membership for?

Dolphina is a not for profit organisation, this means all of our profits goes back into the club to better our facility’s. Your Dolphina membership is a yearly charge which goes towards the cost of ensuring our staff are fully CRB checked, Have been on child protection courses and to train our first aider’s, among other course. This membership is vital to ensure the safe running of our club for your children.

Valid Dolphina membership is required to participate in classes at Dolphina.

What is my British Gymnastics Insurance for?

Dolphina is affiliated to British Gymnastics as our sports governing body. All members of classes at Dolphina are required to have British Gymnastics Insurance to partake in regular activity’s. This is an insurance that all of our Coaches and Gymnasts have and are required to re-new each year is September.

Is there anyway I can pay my Renewal in small chunks?

Our classes are only secured upon receipt of full payment for the term and provided insurance and membership are up-to date. Dolphina renews its classes three times a year (before Easter, Summer & Christmas). you are welcome to purchase Vouchers from Dolphina in any size denominations to help spread the cost of these renewals out across the year.

What are your child to coach ratios?

A majority of our classes are a ratio of 1:8, however this is sometimes not possible.

We rarely exceed a ratio of 1:10 and this would be in unavoidable circumstances due to staff sickness etc.